Above view of friendly workteam working with documents at business meeting

Global Consulting Network (GCN) is an International Business Consulting organization touching every corner of the globe. GCN develops opportunities through creative application of our resources and skills in our associated companies by combining global experience and skills in management. The company supports clients at every stage, from initial concept and financial feasibility to project completion. GCN’s key business purpose is to perform professional consulting services, representing the client’s interests in both integrated and discipline-specific consulting and closing of a transaction.

“GCN puts their clients at the core of the company in an effort to see their needs clearly, thus enabling us to serve them better and create more value.”

GCN’s team members have been active internationally for many years. We have built a network that spans every continent. The company combines first-hand knowledge of diverse geographical regions with respect for the cultures and customs of the countries in which it works. GCN’s business units worldwide are integrated and have access to the global resources needed to assume total responsibility for every aspect of our clients interests.